Brief Review: An Abundance of Katherines

This was such a joy to read! It’s about a prodigy named Colin who has been dumped by 19 girls all named Katherine. To take his mind off his recent … Continue Reading →


Brief Review: The Alchemy of Forever

My¬†8th book this month is one that my daughter recommended. It’s about a group of people called Incarnates who are able to live hundreds of years by “jumping ” into … Continue Reading →


Brief Review: This is Where I Leave You

One of the books i intended to read before the film came out but never got around to until now. It’s about a dysfunctional family who spends a week together … Continue Reading →


Brief Review: Maze Runner

My 6th book for this month! Yep, it seems I’m on a roll, here’s hoping I don’t lose momentum. Anyway, I finally got around to reading Maze Runner and I … Continue Reading →


Brief Review: Counting by 7s

I love reading YA books nowadays, most of the novels I’ve read in this genre are very unique and creative. I also have to admit that sometimes I do judge … Continue Reading →


January Book Reviews

Happy 2015 everyone! I’m back and hopefully for good, lol. Last year I wasn’t able to achieve my goal of reading more books; this year I intend to change that. … Continue Reading →

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Halfway Mark

Hello world! I know it’s been eons since I last updated, and now here we are at the halfway mark. June is coming to a close, which means year 2014 … Continue Reading →

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