Chapter 8: Intuition or Guidance

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So often, one goes for one thing and finds another.

Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.

What man condemns in others, he attracts to himself.

When one has made his demands upon the Universal, he must be ready for surprises. Everything may seem to be going wrong, when in reality, it is going right.

Chapter 8 expounds on the concept of affirmations. We shouldn’t merely speak affirmations, but we should actively work towards making these affirmations come true. Often, we will receive leads in the form of “signs;” it can be events, people, places or things that calls upon us to act intuitively. These signs or intuitions is also known as divine guidance.

Whatever it is that we want most in life, we should be willing to share it with others – happily and willingly, in order for it to come back to us more abundantly. This reminds me of a story that happened in real life, about a man and a woman who were asked by their neighbor if they could loan her some money to buy baby formula.. The man seldom went to church and had no money to spare. The woman was very spiritual and had money, but was very thrifty. The woman refused to help, but the man willingly gave whatever money he had left in his wallet. Years later, when they went to the U.S. Embassy to get a visa, the man was approved but the woman was denied, even though her supporting documents were far more impressive than the man’s.

What we don’t give, we won’t receive.

In my case though, I have been very giving and generous of myself in the past, to the point that it became unhealthy. People tend to take advantage of you when you are overly generous. So I learned to be more careful in choosing whom to trust and to balance being generous with being assertive. I think finding that right balance is important. It’s good to help, but don’t allow yourself to be victimized.

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