Chapter 9: Perfect Self Expression or The Divine Design

Photo Courtesy of Jon Sullivan on Public-Domain-Photos.Com

Photo Courtesy of Jon Sullivan on Public-Domain-Photos.Com

There is for each man perfect self-expression. There is a place which he is to fill and no one else can fill, something which he is to do, which no one else can do, it is his destiny!

A woman’s perfect self-expression may be in becoming a perfect wife, a perfect mother a perfect home-maker and not necessarily in having a public career.

There is a terrible penalty to be paid for not using one’s ability.

Sometimes an insignificant incident may be the turning point in a man’s life.

Anger blurs the vision, poisons the blood, is the root of many diseases, and causes wrong decisions leading to failure.

There is always the perfect balance of giving and receiving, and though man should give without thinking of returns, he violates law if he does not accept the returns which come to him; for all gifts are from God, man being merely the channel.

Many of us go through life wondering the reason why we’re here. For years I have asked myself what it is that I want to do with my life; what is my purpose? I never had the desire to pursue a 9 to 5 job, to me that is stifling. I prefer to keep my own hours and divide my time pursuing different interests. Being a stay at home mom was an easy decision for me, I wanted to be the primary caregiver of my child. I also find joy in creating an organized home for my husband where he can thrive creatively. And so that’s what I’ve been doing for quite some time – contentedly raising a family while devoting whatever time I have left to pursue interests such as writing.

However, I still have this feeling that something’s missing, that I have another purpose to fulfill. Whatever it is, I hope I’m getting closer to unraveling it.

There is this film titled Unbreakable starring Bruce Willis. In one scene where he was speaking to Samuel L. Jackson, he laments that many times he wakes up feeling overwhelmingly sad. To which Samuel replied that it’s because he’s not fulfilling his destiny.

This is exactly how I feel sometimes. Yes I know I’m blessed and I appreciate everything I have in my life. But there’s this lingering feeling that I am yet to unleash my full potential…

What about you, are you pursuing your life’s purpose?

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