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Back to update you on what I’ve been doing so far since my last post. I’ve been reading In the Shadow of His Wings daily and today’s verse is from Job 36:22-23 which reminds us of God’s greatness. My favorite quote from the books is “If He sometimes answers your prayers in a way that is different from what you wanted, rest assured that He is omnipotent and always knows whats best.” Amen.

I’ve also been reading Life Makeovers weekly. For the first week the task was to write your 25 accomplishments for the previous year. The second week asks that you list down the quality you’d like to focus on and improve. You then have to list down three action steps to take each week that will bring you closer to your goal. For this week (3rd week) you are to set aside time for yourself each week, slowly increasing the length and frequency as you go along. Here’s a sneak peek at my answers to give you an idea:

  • My top accomplishment for 2013: Being able to survive an anxiety-ridden year
  • The quality I need to focus on: Confidence
  • My alone time: 30 minutes each day, preferably in the morning

I’ve also been cleaning around the house these past few days; I just need to tidy up outside and I’m done – for now. Oh and I also bought the latest Zumba for Wii and incorporated it to my exercise routine. Probably my greatest accomplishment this week is than I finally had my blood test done. Now I just need to wait for the results; fingers crossed that everything’s fine.

Zumba for Wii

Zumba for Wii

I’m still reading Insurgent and have yet to sign up for a photography class. As far as traveling is concerned, well, I’ll let you know once it’s finalized. Until then, let’s continue working on our goals and make 2014 our best year yet!

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