The Secret Plan

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These past few months I’ve been feeling lethargic, accompanied by aches and pains I’ve never felt before. I tried to dismiss it, telling myself that I’m worrying too much over nothing. But as the days progressed, it became clear that there’s something off with my body. That realization, plus other personal matters, have caused me many sleepless nights which further added to my growing anxiety. Finally, I decided that I needed to find out what was wrong, and in order to do that I had to undergo an executive check-up. Granted I’ve had annual physicals when we still had insurance, but it wasn’t as thorough as an executive check-up. Also, since we no longer have medical insurance, it will be more expensive to have it done here. We had to go home to our beloved country where it would be affordable and the hospital facilities are more well-equipped. So after years of living abroad, we decided to go home…

It took us barely a week to plan everything, starting off with asking friends if they could watch over our house and pets. We are lucky to have good friends here who are willing to help us out. Next was confirming with my best friend if we could stay at one of their condos, which happens to be just walking distance to a hospital. Again, I am fortunate to have a best friend who is kind and generous. Finally, we bought our plane tickets and set an appointment with the hospital.

Aside from our three friends here and my best friend back home, we purposely kept our homecoming a secret. I wanted to get any tests or procedures done first before letting close family and friends know that we are home. Plus, I love surprising people.

What happened next is probably one of the greatest adventures we’ve had as a family –  a journey of remembering our roots and reconnecting with people who matters most…


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